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Wisconsin Employers to Endure High Worker’s Compensation Medical Costs …For Now

pexels-photo-263402-1Despite a strong push by Wisconsin employers, including members of the WEEWC, the State Assembly ended its session without advancing the Worker’s Compensation agreed bill, which would have imposed a fee schedule on medical bills for treating work injuries. That means Wisconsin employers will endure at least another year of worker’s compensation medical charges that are much higher than those in neighboring states.

The fee schedule issue is not going to go away, and without significant worker’s compensation reform, Wisconsin will remain one of the most expensive states for treating injured workers.

Despite this challenge, there ARE important steps that employers can take to mitigate these costs even without legislative help.

These are exactly the types of strategies we plan to discuss during our free Seminar on Thursday, May 10th. For example, employers may wish to consider the following strategies for reducing medical costs:

  • Implement a claim response protocol that incorporates best practices for incident investigation and reporting.
  • Identify quality medical providers outside the expensive hospital systems, and develop cooperative strategies with employees to treat work injuries at those locations.
  • Carefully monitor ongoing care to quickly identify and mitigate over-treatment without sacrificing employee health.
  • Understand innovative medical cost management strategies, and how to make sure they are being used effectively on their claims.

These and other detailed strategies for managing the medical cost will be presented by leading worker’s compensation professionals.

To register, please fill out the form below! Or click here for more information We hope to see you there.

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