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Worker’s Compensation Mental Injury Standards in Wisconsin: Supreme Court Rulings

“I could put 20 more people to work tomorrow,” the president of a mid-sized construction company told me recently. “But I can’t find 10 qualified people. I can’t even find 10 unqualified people.”

If that sounds familiar, be warned: The breaking point could be expensive.

Consider the case of Etha Schillinger and

Quarter 1 Risk/Reward with Tom Precia: Our Work to Achieve Worker’s Compensation Reform in Wisconsin

The State Legislature handed Wisconsin employers a small victory on worker’s compensation recently by fixing a loophole that allowed injured workers to circumvent the exclusive remedy and sue employers. While it’s not the medical cost reform employers have been pleading for, it’s an important change. I’m proud of the role

Wisconsin Employers to Endure High Worker’s Compensation Medical Costs …For Now

Despite a strong push by Wisconsin employers, including members of the WEEWC, the State Assembly ended its session without advancing the Worker’s Compensation agreed bill, which would have imposed a fee schedule on medical bills for treating work injuries. That means Wisconsin employers will endure at least another year of