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At Integrated Risk Solutions, Inc. we operate under the premise that no two clients are the same nor are any two insurance carriers. All have different strengths and weaknesses from an operational standpoint and all have different needs to be served. That’s where The Integrated Risk Model® comes into play.

The Integrated Risk Model® is a proven process of assessing risk, identifying opportunity, developing sound service initiatives and implementing measurable action plans. The model creates effective relationships between the carrier, the client, and us. These relationships are built on mutual trust that endures the test of time.

The Integrated Risk Model® has three foundational blocks including The Visionary Risk Design PlanThe Results Based Risk Control Formula, and The Outcome Based Claim Solution. Each foundational block focuses on reducing our client’s long-term cost of risk. Each of these foundational blocks relies on the other for support; the absence of one in a risk management program can lead to the collapse of a seemingly strong program.  This unique approach assesses operational and physical risk factors, develops a detailed action plan, and implements a process by which future risk and premium value can be constantly evaluated. This step-by-step approach maximizes the client’s opportunity to reduce risk by identifying factors such as safety and claim management issues that impact premiums. We make the insured an active part of the process to represent them in the best possible light in the insurance community

Integrated Risk Solutions, Inc. is comprised of a seasoned team of professionals in the key risk management disciplines, all focused on bringing creativity and solutions to our clients. This is important because these professionals are associates not third party consultants. Integrated Risk Solutions, Inc. serves as an extension of our client’s risk management team to make certain this foundation is sound today and for years to come. We want to help you manage your insurance and risk management needs in a way that is safe, secure and understandable.