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Multi-Generational Employee Benefits: Which Benefits Matter?

It’s no secret that the workforce is changing and this can be challenging for employers. Some employers have already started to adapt by targeting their benefit packages to meet the needs of all generations. How does your company’s benefit package measure up? Are you offering the type of benefits your employee’s are looking for?

The mock Facebook profiles below describe what your employees really want.

The Millennial

At 53.5 million strong, Millennials make up about 34% of today’s workforce making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force.1


The GenXer

Gen Xers make up 34% of today’s workforce with 52.7 million individuals.1


The Boomer

The Baby Boomer’s population has declined as Boomers retire. Roughly 29% of Baby Boomers remain in today’s workforce.1


A robust benefits package is essential for employers in order to keep up with competition in the market, attract and retain employees and foster loyalty within an organization. How can one employer possibly focus on every single need of every single employee? Have no fear; the ideal benefits package is here! One-size does not always fit all, but we can help! Contact Integrated Risk Solutions today to get started!

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