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John Seidl of Integrated Risk Solutions to present at Wisconsin Motor Carriers Risk Management 2.0

John Seidl to present at WMCAJohn Seidl was selected to facilitate a session at the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Risk Management 2.0 seminar being held on October 20 at Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan. The day-long seminar will focus on next level risk management as it relates to operations, vehicle maintenance, driver technology and overall safety. Be sure to register for this informative day!

Seidl was selected to present Driver Drug and/or Alcohol Use: Leading Indicators, Proper Identification, Prevention Techniques, Appropriate Handling and Liability Pitfalls. Drug and Alcohol usage and/or possession by Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers is often overshadowed by more frequent violations that adversely affect the more common CSA Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service, and/or Vehicle Maintenance basics. When they do occur, they can have a profound impact on the motor carrier from a liability standpoint as well as the Drug and Alcohol CSA basic. This session will discuss various aspects associated Drug and Alcohol Compliance — from prevention of incidents to the proper handling when they do occur. Seidl will also discuss the ramifications of noncompliance as it relates to FMCSA enforcement action and/or civil litigation.

About the Presenter

John Seidl, Transportation Consultant, Integrated Risk Solutions

As a nationally known DOT/FMCSA expert and a 20-plus year veteran of the transportation safety community, John Seidl has conducted countless safety seminars, driver safety meetings and mock compliance reviews for motor carriers throughout the United States. He has extensive experience in law enforcement with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and as a Wisconsin State Patrol Motor Carrier Inspector. John also worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a hazardous material (HM) specialist. John has worked closely with the National Drug/Alcohol Technical Advisory Group and the National ELD team, and has been recognized as the FMCSA Safety Investigator of the Year for two consecutive years.