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Red truck in the highwayYou face driver turnover, increased traffic volume, passengers, changing regulations, spiraling overhead, decentralized shipping sites every day in the transportation industry. At Integrated Risk we feel that the place to start is with people who know transportation and the unique exposures faced every day.  Our professionals take an active role in the industry by serving on a variety of industry boards.

We Provide Solutions For Those Unexpected Risks!

We utilize The Visionary Risk Design Plan to provide leadership in the structuring of a comprehensive insurance protection plan. This plan combines industry knowledge, creative use of insurance products, and sound risk management advice to control your long-term cost of risk. We effectively dispatch The Results Based Risk Control Formula and The Outcome Based Claim Solution to control your transportation needs. We help you manage your transportation insurance needs in a way that is safe, secure, and understandable.

Safety Services That Work!

Operating a fleet presents your company with one of the single largest exposures to loss, crashes that can involve serious injuries and extensive property damage. Simply complying with DOT regulations does not insure that accidents will be prevented. The Results Based Risk Control Formula focuses on the attitude and behavior of the professional driver and provides a means of measuring driver performance. Our approach has proven effective in reducing crashes and preventing Worker’s Compensation injuries.

Driven To Provide Positive Claim Outcomes!

By nature of the industry, transportation claims can be the most serious and high profile claims seen in the insurance industry.  We utilize The Outcome Based Claim Solution to be your advocate in helping to obtain a positive outcome from potentially serious claims. We work to protect your interests, assets, and company image. Regardless if the claim is auto liability, cargo, physical damage or Worker’s Compensation, you can count on us to serve as your advocate and as an extension of your staff.

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