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Businessman With Clipboard In WarehouseYour Integrated Risk Solutions team is ready to manage the most challenging product liability, worker’s compensation, property and supply chain, and fleet management programs.  We simplify the complex issues faced by today’s manufacturers and distributors by thoroughly understanding your operations and effectively applying creative alternatives.  Rest assured, your greatest assets are protected no matter where they are on the globe.

We Want To Be Your Risk Management Specialist!

Manufacturing is more than just producing perfected products; it’s the equipment that turns, stamps, cuts, and pulls the raw materials. And most importantly, it’s the people who control, guide, select, and inspect your production. Because machinery can malfunction and people can make mistakes, your corporate assets become exposed. We utilize The Visionary Risk Design Plan to provide leadership in the structuring of a comprehensive insurance protection plan. This plan combines industry knowledge, creative use of insurance products, and sound risk management advice to control your long-term cost of risk

Safety Services That Work!

There are a lot of moving parts in your manufacturing operation. It also takes a lot of moving parts to manage an effective safety program in a fast paced manufacturing environment. The Results Based Risk Control Formula focuses on the attitude and behavior of employees and provides a means of measuring safety performance. Our approach has proven effective in preventing Worker’s Compensation injuries, preserving property and making your product safer.

Manufacturing Positive Claim Outcomes!

The manufacturing environment creates opportunities for difficult and catastrophic claims. We utilize The Outcome Based Claim Solution to be your advocate in helping to obtain a positive outcome from potentially serious claims. We work to protect your interests, assets, and company image. Regardless if the claim is product liability, fire, business interruption, auto or Worker’s Compensation, you can count on us to serve as your advocate as an extension of your staff.

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