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shutterstock_131014298-sDecentralized job sites, OSHA, controlling public access, claim management, contract liability, surety bonding needs, policy exclusions … when you’re running a construction company, these aren’t just passing concerns. These issues are vital to the successful and functional operation of your company. That’s why at Integrated we specialize in meeting your job site risk management needs with a variety of risk management solutions designed to lower your cost of risk.

We utilize The Integrated Risk Model® to serve our construction industry clients. While you handle the business side of your company, we serve as an extension of your staff to promote job site safety and manage claims to obtain positive outcomes. That’s why our clients consider their relationship with Integrated Risk Solutions a competitive advantage.

Creative and Comprehensive Program Design!

No two contractors are the same, nor are any two job sites. That’s why The Visionary Risk Design Plan is so valuable to contractors. Our approach ensures customized coverage to address your unique exposures. We utilize our creativity, industry knowledge and market relationships to offer the broadest and most cost effective protection available in the industry. We want to help you manage your construction insurance needs in a way that is safe, secure, and understandable.

Gaining Best Possible Outcomes From Challenging Claims!

Claims in the construction industry can be very challenging and complex. Contractual liability claims, worker’s compensation injuries, property damage, and claims involving injuries to the public take an intense amount of time and effort to resolve. We utilize The Outcome Based Claim Solution to lead you through the claim process to obtain the best possible outcome from a bad situation.

Take Job-Site Safety to a Higher Level!

Our team of safety professionals utilizes The Results Based Risk Control Formula to assist you in staying current with ever changing OSHA regulations, fleet safety and the latest behavioral safety initiatives. At Integrated Risk we serve as an extension of your management staff. With growing OSHA and DOT enforcement efforts, changing regulations and multi-location job sites, our safety professionals keep your safety program current while you run your business.

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