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Integrated Risk Solutions hires new COO/CFO John McGee

  • Posted On June 20, 2018
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Integrated Risk Solutions announced that John McGee has joined its leadership team as Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer at the start of May.

John McGeeMcGee is a forward thinking and innovative financial and operations executive with expertise in the construction, financial, real estate and nonprofit industries. He has a track record of success in process improvement, financial reporting, forecasting, team building and business development which allows him to help companies reduce costs, increase profits and provide successful strategic solutions.

“John’s 25-year, multifaceted career experience will allow him to make an immediate contribution to our clients and to our company. His prior industry experience at the COO/CFO level is not only a benefit to help strengthen our internal operations and financial systems, but his experience and perspective also plays an integral role in assisting our team review risk and insurance needs for our clients,” said Tom Precia, President and CEO.

Integrated Risk Solutions Names Transportation Industry Expert as VP of Transportation

c0016-legg_carrie-101Integrated Risk Solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of Assistant Vice-President, Carrie Legg, to Vice President of Transportation-Production and Market Relations and to welcome her as a company shareholder.

Legg welcomes the opportunity to leverage her extensive risk management background to “play an integral part in advancing the Integrated Risk Solution’s mission to protect the security and Carrie Legg profitability of leading industry professionals.” A practiced member of the transportation community, she has dedicated her career to providing risk management support and solutions at all levels to large, innovative companies. Legg has invested in the success of her team from the time she joined Integrated Risk Solutions in 2008 as an Account Executive, focusing on the transportation industry. “Carrie’s industry expertise and leadership were apparent as she worked closely with clients to offer truly unique solutions to risk challenges,” said Tom Precia, President and CEO regarding Legg’s promotion.

Drawing on her 25-plus years of experience in risk management and insurance, Legg’s passion, energy, and talent for actively listening enable her to proactively identify and resolve challenges by means of solutions and risk finance objectives tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Legg’s service on the board of the Wisconsin Motor Carrier Association for over 20 years makes her acutely aware of industry challenges. Her industry insight has also led her to be actively involved in several state and federal legislative issues and initiatives, including the following:

  • Working with industry leaders to ensure their voices are heard throughout government to protect the continued success of the transportation industry and businesses as a whole
  • Recruiting and mentoring business representatives to an Annual Call on Washington
  • Actively representing employers on workers’ compensation reform in Wisconsin

Carrie’s advocacy extends beyond the insurance and transportation industries. She regularly advocates for autism awareness as a member of the Autism Society of Wisconsin. Integrated Risk Solutions is proud to promote such an expert in the field and company investor to our executive team.


About Integrated Risk Solutions

Integrated Risk Solutions, Inc. is a commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits firm based in Waukesha, WI specializing in all areas of risk management consulting, commercial insurance brokerage, loss control engineering and claim management. Integrated Risk provides clients with customized services at every level of the risk process, transforming the traditional insurance procurement process (risk transfer) into a comprehensive plan that protects
both the people and assets of a company and allocates effective resources to control exposures to loss. At Integrated Risk “Protecting people is our passion” isn’t just a tagline, it’s the hallmark of their culture.

Integrated’s Peden and Seidl to speak at 2018 WNLA CONEX Show

Mike Peden and John Seidl will be presenters at the 2018 Wisconsin Nursery and Landscape Association CONEX Show on February 7th and 8th.  The Show takes place at the Wisconsin Expo Center Building at State Fair Park in West Allis, WI.  During the two day Show, Peden and Seidl will present sessions entitled “Overall Department of Transportation Intro”, What to Expect During a Roadside Inspection”, and “Cargo Securement and Vehicle Maintenance”.
Click HERE for session details & registration form.

The Wisconsin Nursery and Landscape Association ( WNLA ) serves the green industry and over 200 members, which include growers, landscapers, retailers and industry suppliers. The association plays a vital role in meeting the educational, informational, and legislative advocacy demands of a more technologically advanced industry, which serves a more knowledgeable and discriminating consumer.

Integrated Risk Hosts Seminar “A Hands-on Approach to Vehicle Maintenance”

Integrated Risk Solutions hosted a seminar on October 10th entitled “A Hands-On Approach to Vehicle Maintenance”.  The seminar, held at the Brat Stop in Kenosha, was attended by over 90 participants.  Integrated’s John Seidl presented an overview of FMCSA Parts 393 and 396 as well as an update on ELD compliance and timelines.  The maintenance focused seminar included a trip to the Kenosha Scale to observe enforcement operations as well as a hands on inspection of a tractor/trailer by State Patrol Inspectors.

Special thanks to our co-sponsors Airoldi Brothers and BMO Harris Bank for their generous support and partnership!  Thanks also to Kutzler Express for providing the tractor/trailer to inspect (no violations noted!).


John Tindall of Integrated Risk Solutions to participate as panelist in WMC Policy Day 2017

John Tindall, Integrated Risk Solutions Director of Client Claim Advocacy, will participate in Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Policy Day 2017 as a panelist discussing worker’s compensation legislation.

Policy Day 2017, being held in Madison on August 16th, provides business owners with cutting-edge information on local, state and federal policy. Featuring multiple tracks on different topics plus general session speakers, industry leaders will explore how various policy proposals will impact business.

“I’m honored to represent Integrated Risk Solutions at this premier event,” Tindall said. “Several key players are very active in Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation policy. Business leaders who want to stay at the forefront of these issues will get crucial information.”

For more information on WMC Policy Day 2017, and to register, visit

Integrated Risk chosen as 2017 Vendor of the Year by Wisconsin Hospitality Group

Every year the Wisconsin Hospitality Group (WHG) hosts a GM Conference to recognize key employees from the 87 Pizza Hut and Applebee’s restaurants located throughout Wisconsin.  This annual conference not only provides training and development for key employees located throughout the state, but also affords an opportunity to recognize exceptional prior year results.

We are proud to announce that from among the 150 vendors who support Pizza Hut and Applebee’s restaurants, the Integrated Risk Solutions Benefit Practice was chosen to receive the Wisconsin Hospitality Group’s 2017 Vendor of the Year Award!

“Integrated Risk Solutions has consistently exceeded WHG’s expectations by presenting benefit options that have helped both WHG and its employees by keeping healthcare costs constant in a rising cost environment” stated  Jennifer Lehman, Controller for WHG Group.   June Weiss, Vice President of Human Resources for WHG Group further adds “The Integrated Risk team is extremely knowledgeable and negotiates with numerous benefit providers on our behalf.  The outcome of their work has been a win-win for WHG and our employees.  Integrated Risk truly partners with WHG in living our core values” 

Honored that Integrated Risk was selected, President and CEO Tom Precia stated: “I would like to thank Wisconsin Hospitality Group for recognizing us for such a prestigious award. Our tagline ‘Protecting people is our passion’ is not just a phrase; it’s the hallmark of our culture. We will continue to use every resource possible to help Wisconsin Hospitality Group navigate the challenges they face managing their costs in the ever-changing healthcare arena.”

Integrated Risk Solutions & Kriete Group Host Safety & Innovation Conference

Over 100 attendees gathered into the arena at the Waukesha County Expo Center on Tuesday June 12 to gain education on the ELD Mandate for over the road trucking that will take effect on December 18th, 2017. Keynote speakers included Mark Oesterle, head of the FMCSA in Wisconsin, as well as John Seidl, DOT Consultant, Trucking Risk Management Expert and member of the Integrated Risk Solutions team. Additional speakers included representatives from Volvo, Bendix, Telogis, as well as The Kriete Group.

As with any change in regulation that is imposed on an industry, business owners benefit from knowing the nuances related to compliance to avoid violations and fines. Topics presented include the following:

  • Overview of the FMCSA – The regulatory body that will implement and enforce the law
  • The ELD Mandate itself – how to comply, and common pitfalls owners need to avoid
  • Equipment offerings, functionality, and installation best practices
  • Self-driving/Driver Assist Technologies including an on-site demonstration
  • How the ELD Mandate applies to leased vehicles – both short and long term

Attendees walked away with a full understanding of the ELD Mandate and what to do to effectively comply through process and equipment options, to ensure their fleets are in compliance with the laws. In addition, they gained firsthand knowledge of cutting edge technology that will keep their drivers safe.

A great conference all around! Make sure you join us for the next one!

6/12/17 Safety & Innovations Conference img_0601 mark-oesterle


It’s Time to Start Taking Cyber Liability Coverage Seriously: Part II

In December 2013, Target discovered that it was the victim of a massive data breach affecting “approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts,” according to a press release issued by the corporation. For businesses of all sizes, the Target breach signaled the need for a renewed focus on cyber security. After all, if a large corporation like Target could fall victim to a massive cyber attack, is anybody really safe?

Realistically, the answer is probably “no.” What businesses can control, however, is how quickly and efficiently they are able to respond to the attack and mitigate their risk. So the question then becomes, “How much of our free cash flow will we have to burn through in response to a malicious cyber attack?”


This is where cyber liability coverage comes in. If you read Part I of this series, you probably grasp the important role cyber liability coverage plays in ensuring a business will have the financial means to respond effectively to a breach. The next step is determining how much cyber liability coverage your business needs.

Breaking Down Costs Associated with a Cyber Attack

During a recent event in Milwaukee, I listened to a speaker who represented an accounting firm speak about the importance of the forensic work that follows a cyber attack. It is often only through forensic investigation that organizations can understand with certainty how a data breach occurred and how to prevent a breach from happening in the future.

As you can imagine, however, hiring a forensic expert isn’t cheap—and this is just one example of a cost associated with a data breach! Some additional costs could include:


The actual hard costs your business will incur as the result of a malicious cyber attack will vary based upon the type of business you are in, how technology-dependent your operations are, how your customers pay your for your goods and services, and the number of confidential records (e.g., POS cardholder data, medical records, banking information, customer data, etc.) you keep on hand that could be exposed during a breach.

The Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study found that on average, the total organizational cost of a data breach in the US is about $7,000,000, or about $221 per record. While relying on an average cost per record isn’t the most reliable way to calculate the amount of coverage your business needs, the data illustrates how the quantity of the confidential records that your organization keeps on hand drives your overall financial exposure.

I have Cyber Liability Coverage. Is it sufficient?

cyber-crime-costs-pieMany small and medium-sized businesses have adopted a modest cyber program, typically by way of ‘throw-in’ coverage provided by a carrier as an extension of their commercial insurance program. Costs for these offerings are typically minimal based upon the type of cyber perils covered and limit provided, typically ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 (i.e., nowhere near the average cost of a data breach in the US).

Moreover, these programs typically exclude coverage on the most common threats: Ransomware & Social Engineering (for an explanation of these terms, see Part I of this article series). Taken together, these limitations mean that many companies are left with minimal coverage limits on programs that exclude the problems that are most likely to cause a financial loss in the event of a cyber attack.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is no one-size-fits-all cyber liability coverage program. You can protect your organization against this growing threat by taking coverage seriously: pay attention to exclusions in your coverage, and consult your insurance broker to assess your coverage needs and identify a program that is a good fit for your business.

To learn more about how Integrated Risk Solutions can work with your organization to minimize your risk and choose a best-fit cyber liability coverage program, contact me or another sales team member.

John Seidl of Integrated Risk Solutions to present at OSHA Construction Breakfast

John Seidl, Transportation Consultant with Integrated Risk Solutions (Waukesha, WI) to present at the OSHA Construction Breakfast-DOT Hours of Operation & Driver Qualifications session on May 17th.

John is a nationally known DOT/FMCSA expert, a 20+ year veteran of the transportation community and an experienced speaker on these topics.  For more information visit: